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Our Mission Statementboy  teen girl

Our mission is to equip and empower individuals, families and communities through a collaborative strategy of a “One Stop Mall of Help”.  We want to assist families and individuals toward self-sufficiency so that they can become contributing members of society.  Here, strategic partners provide multifaceted programs, services and resources including mentoring, healthcare, education, training and other holistic solutions.  It has been proven that empowering and educating individuals and families in communities results in a reduction in crime, teen pregnancy, suicide and other negative behaviors. 

Vision Statement

Empowering People and Communities to Self-Sufficiency.

Statement of Hope

In the midst of despair comes Dignity and Destiny.  In a time where there is hopelessness, comes Hope.  In homes where there is rejection comes reconciliation.  In a community where dreams are crushed - this is the dawning of a new day where Dreams are cultivated.  This vision and hope comes alive at the Central Florida Dream Center.


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